How does Google value localised search?

On February 2012, it was announced that Google made several alterations to its algorithm. One of these was the Venice update. This was overlooked by many but was one of the most important updates affecting Local SEO.

With this update, the search engine giant places emphasis on local search results. They did this by creating a new system that takes note of the user’s town or city and finds results that are significant to that area. Because of this, it is now easier for people to find reliable information that is not only relevant to their queries but also to the places where they live. It does not matter if they will set their location or not, since Google will trace their whereabouts using their IP addresses. It also puts more emphasis on the site weighting as a whole, which puts the importance of link building back at the forefront of Local SEO.

Where do we come in?

As the name suggests, we specialize in Local search rankings. Our packages are designed around Local SEO to maximize the local results for your site. We include:

Social Media – easy to use guides on how to set up Social Media accounts including Google+ Local

Social Media Integration – we integrate your SM accounts into your site to allow easy shares, likes, follows, plus 1’s etc

Link building – we build relevant links to your site to help the overall visibility in the search results

Niche & Local Directory Submissions – we submit your site to the most relevant Niche and Local directories matching your name, address and phone number from your site. These are called Citations and act like links for Local rankings. Very important for Local SEO

Social Bookmarks – more inbound signals to your site which the search engines love

How can I apply?

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